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Lyuda 18735 Many women comment that they are keen to find a financially secure or wealthy man. Are they intent on getting-rich-quick through marriage? What do you think about this?
Money doesnt buy happiness. We need to strain after love. I cannot bear to think that women who long to find their soul mate outside Russia are obsessed just by desire to get-rich-quick.
Ludmila 56290 Marrying a foreign man what reasons are able to explain the origins of such event?
Hello! Marrying a foreign man what reasons are able to explain the origins of such event? There are enough causes only to start talking about such appearance. I want to put it clear in my explanation of it, from my point of view. Lets start
There are more women than men living in Russia.

Dinara 63692 What did make you seeking husband abroad? In your opinion, why other women decide to marry a foreigner?
Hello! My name is Dinara. I`d love to share my opinion. Why American husband? First of all I`d like to tell you that I am an intepreter. and I`ve met American people who came to visit Russia.
Julia 66142 In your opinion, what attract Americans in women from your country?
Good day! I want to communicate with people who are interested in me. Its not that simple that foreigners draw their attention to Russian women. From time immemorial Russian beauty has been a legend for different peoples.

Lubov 58387 What did make you seeking husband abroad? In your opinion, why other women decide to marry a foreigner?
I like to be romantic with the man whom I love: walking in the park, sunbathing on the beach, watching stars in the night sky, give presents or little surprises. They are the simple gestures of love that I appreciate most of all.
Oksana 71205 What's your opinion about Americans and America?
Firstly I think that Americans are a relatively young nation. At the birthplace of any nation have always been daring and reckless people who were not afraid to give up their motherland and move to the newly-discovered continent, to conquer it.

Alina 71162 Marrying a foreign man - what reasons are able to explain the origins of such event?
As is known from history, during a great number of years our country has been isolated from te world. Only a few lucky people fell the lot to move out and see the life of other peoples. As the political situation changed, new opportunities became available.
Irina 66491 In your opinion, what attract Americans in women from your country?
What girls (women) of our country do foreign men like? Which characteristics do they search for to find a perfect partner? Probably everybody think of these questions. To my mind, most of all they like self -confident girls, those who have their dignity. This is something difficult to describe, which consists of pride, good breeding, and the harmony of a personality and charm. And one can see it by the peace of mind and benevolence.

Marina 56853 Have you ever been dating with a foreign man? What about your impressions then?
I've had several date meetings with foreigner in St.Petersburg, home city of mine. I cannot say that those dates do much differ compared to the similar meets with the Russian men. There are some peculiarities - though not so with everyone; however such a details usually don't actually determine cases of the dates. So, dear foreign "grooms" of ours, I intend to advice you a bit concerning the best possible stile of your behavior aimed to get your "pray" at the first rendezvous already.
Olga 71264 Marry a rich man... What is the reason: owing his money, just in an easy way to shear his wealth, achievements and status?
Recently, I used to watch a number of TV-shows interviewing really wealthy men who remain being single due to one, but strong phobia: "she loves my money, not me". Yes, it must be awful if a bride (or worst, a wife) appears as simple seeker of adventure along with somebody's wallet.

Maria 46074 To merry to a foreigner- what are the reasons of this occurrence?
Tens of thousands of Russian women have found their life partners beyond the bounds of our country for last 10 years. Why do many Russian women want to merry to a foreigner? Most women begin to look for husbands abroad when they finely understand that it is impossible for them to build normal family in Russia. Historically happened that there are fewer men then women in Russia. Russian man is used the fact that he is the value...


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